The Linear and Non-linear ways of delivering information.

Linear way it is the most known and commonly used way of delivering information. We can below longread to this type. Whole article in one place, you should just swipe down and read it.

Non-linear it is a little bit complicated. Article divided into several parts and it has the main part and branches. You are starting to read article and find link to other part of it. Actually, it takes you to a long time to stay in that website. For the Kazakhstan it is something new.


The future of new media in Kazakhstan



First of all, in order to write about the future of new media in Kazakhstan we should get description for term “new media”. This term include many topics in itself and the meaning of it is very wide. It involves all thing that may delıver any ınformatıon from any source at any tıme. It may be simple stone where written something or desk where you can find something to read. In other words media has a variety of forms.

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Food for all life occasions

Today is the first day of my holidays.Therefore, we come together with our friends in order to celebrate this first day of our short five day holidays. We did not have any ideas, thus as a earstwhile we made a “makliube”.


It is really convenient to make a makliube at any parties or at extraordunary days, when you invite so many guests. Because, one maklube can be eaten by 10-12 people. Also, it costs not so expensive.  Continue reading “Food for all life occasions”

Story about one shoes)))


Hello everyone, my name is “Toplya”. In “shalakazakh” language it means shoe. It’s because of my parents. They wanted to be a shoe, in order to this they called me a Toplya. If we talk about shoe, it is kind of footwear which stoods a rank above us. But we are not a simple footwear too. We proudly call ourselves  moccasins. In our society, there are only twenty kinds of shoes , starting from sneakers soccer shoes and ending on a high platform footwear. In comparison with the rest we are expensive, and people wearing us more often than others.

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